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DecorBook Classic : IKEA Sinnerlig Lamp

If there is one basket pendant lamp that's quickly becoming a classic, it's not the one pictured above. Oh, this is a perfectly nice basket lamp and it can be yours for $1470. The real statement lamp is IKEA's Sinnerlig. And that, my friends, can be ours for $69.99, lightbulb not included. Fresh and young and applicable to almost any decorating style, this lamp is one for the ages. Let's take a look.

In 2015, IKEA collaborated with London-based designer, Ilse Crawford. The collection was inspiring but the standout is the what's-to-become-a-classic, the Sinnerlig bamboo pendant lamp.

Hang it low or hang it high, it works as an architectural element.

A stunning IKEA Sinnerlig lamp - white washed.

This bedroom, in Minsk, Belarus, features a Sinnerlig that might be sprayed gold as it almost looks Moroccan.

The Sinnerlig looks magical in a nursery.

The Sinnerlig can be easily embellished to suit your room.

If these photos get your creative juices flowing enough to make a trip to IKEA, don't forget to treat yourself to their new veggie hot dog. In our local Emeryville, CA store, the Bistro sign reads "2 + drink for $2.75" but you can buy just one for $1. It's the tastiest fast-food I know. Happy Father's Day to all!

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