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Color Game : Summery Apples

The other day, my friend Connie texted me this beautiful box of apples. She and her grandsons had picked them in her Oregon yard and were headed in to make applesauce. You can almost smell their musty sweetness on a hot summer day. That got me thinking - these colors would make a really fresh color palette. Let's play my favorite color game and decorate an apple green and red house using Pinterest.

Here's a beauty in white washed red brick with apple green shutters - let's wander inside.


Cheerful living room full of red prints and geraniums.

the french

Dining room's chic red checked slipcovered chairs.

Apple red accent island in the kitchen.


Leave it to Laura Ashley to have the color-perfect prints and paints.

Green garden wallpaper in the bathroom.

And the perfect back porch for this apple green and red house. Can you imagine that box of apples, still warm from the sun, sitting on the table until ready for cooking?

Here's to little applesauce chefs and their amazing grandmother. Thanks for the inspiration.

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