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Color Game : Mouthwatering Butterscotch

For midMarch, it 's about as gloomy as it gets around the Bay Area. Would a few sunny colored accessories in my rooms help? I've had the above magazine photo on my bulletin board for a while. Aren't those lampshades adorable? They're a bit "dark butterscotch," if there is such a color. One good thing with neutral rooms is that a few accessories in a new color can quickly perk things up.

So last week, I ordered linen pillow covers (Amazon, $24 for a pair) in "earth yellow" which almost matches the lampshade color. It's the perfect accent color for my main rooms. Unfortunately, the covers don't come in a larger "lumbar" size so my cleaners are cutting a few down for me. In the meantime, let's look at some pretty rooms with a variety of colors we can call "butterscotch." Maybe it will cheer us up.

Have you been watching "For the Love of Kitchens?" I just devoured all 18 episodes and am energized by the colors, especially these butterscotch yellow cabinets. Gotta love the Brits!


Turns out butterscotch goes with many colors, too. Who knew?

These delicious butterscotch velvet benches seem to ground this room.

Look to butterscotch-colored wood to warm up a room.


Or commit to butterscotch walls.

"Cluttered" rooms are making a comeback but butterscotch-colored accessories are looking fresh.

Gold/butterscotch tones look great in a natural room.

Hope these sunny colors are making you feel like the clouds are lifting. Projects seem to help me. Last week, in this "new" bedroom, I've painted the upholstered bed white (that's a story for another time) and bought a new mattress. It's as hard as rock, so when there's a break in the weather, I'm going to the mattress store for a softer replacement. I'm also adding my old gold framed photo of sunny sunflowers plus brass accents to the room.

I ordered these velvet pillows (Amazon, $23 for a pair) for the bed. Maybe more brass than butterscotch but still sunny. Too green? I'll keep you posted when the room comes together. In the meantime, here's to a fun Sunday; complete with basketball, daylight savings time and the Oscars. And by the way, the sun may be coming out later in the week. Fingers crossed.


If you're like me, my mouth is now watering for butterscotch pudding. This recipe looks delish!

P.S. And here's a trailer for the new TV series, "For the Love of Kitchens" -


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