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TWEAKS+inspiration : Kitchen Table Refresh

Our 22-year old pine kitchen table, in full sun most days, was in dire need of a refresh. P was against the idea because he said we made all the tabletop marks over the years. So true. But was there a way to re-nourish our beloved table and keep our memories?

I hate to admit it, but I did something I would have never done if P had been here. I actually sanded the table in the kitchen, dust flying everywhere. I covered the induction stove top and the furnance grills and then, let it rip. The table is far too heavy for me to lift. A refinisher would take it away and work his magic for $1,000. Oh, it made a mess but the floors are being refinished next month and I knew I could vacuum up most of the dust. As you can see, I made sure I didn't sand all our history off the table

After using various grits while sanding, the tabletop turned very smooth.

I used Danish Oil in natural.

Each coat is flooded for 15 minutes before wiping off. Surprisingly, not too smelly.

Here's how it looked after 2 coats.

On Saturday, a week later, I lightly sanded and added two more coats. I wish you could feel the glass smooth finish. Connie asked her son-in-law joiner and he recommends a wax coat. That's coming as soon as this is thoroughly cured but it shouldn't change the look much.

Danish oil contains linseed oil so you have to take care to dry out rags and paper towels used. If you just toss a pile in the garbage, they can catch fire. Years ago, I saw our garbage can smoldering. Whoops. This time, I dried out the paper towels on the garage floor until they were stiff.

Here's the finished table. It looks so much better - the spots of worn wood are gone but our life lines are still there. P was right. It's nice to have those memories of Christmas tamale parties, ladies who lunch lunches, romantic New Year's Eves under candelabra light. Next month, the floors are being refinished and I'm very OK with letting those life lines go.


Sally Robinson
Sally Robinson
Mar 07, 2022

Love what you did with the table!


Feb 27, 2022

The table looks great. Our memories will always be there, even if we can't see on that item.

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