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TWEAKS+inspiration : Forward Thinking Kitchen Rugs

Thought I'd share a TWEAK I did this week in our kitchen. I bought these Pottery Barn kitchen rugs about 15 years when we remodeled our kitchen. They've held up (machine washable) but it's a pain getting the pads straight underneath so we don't slip around. Kim, my sis-in-law, told me about Ruggable. You've probably seen them advertised and I gotta say they are genius.

It's a rug (cover) that can be tossed in the washer and dryer. It lies on a pad (a bit like velcro) that stays put on the floor and altogether, it's only about 1/4" thick. There is a 2nd pad option that is cushioned and thicker.

Here's the pad and the cover.

And here's the finished look. We have a lot of black and gray in the house, so I took a leap, completely ignoring the cabinet color.

They are a little squeaky when walked on but betting that calms down.

I bought three rugs that are 3x5. They come in quite a few sizes and a zillion patterns at If you want to change a rug to a different pattern, you can purchase a cover only which is less expensive.

My first try was this green pattern. Oops! Not for me. I had a nice chat with someone in Ruggable's customer service and she waived the $25 return fee. These rugs are a little pricey (to me) but you can find 15% off coupons online. A 3x5 is $109 (before coupons) plus free shipping. Here's hoping they'll be around for another 15 years. Hey, and us, too!


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