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TWEAKS+inspiration : Design Trends for 2022

Do you follow trends? Every year, I'm interested in what style makers feel is coming to our collective rooms. For 2022, the consensus seems to be "we" (Is that you and me?) are looking for cozy, natural filled, comforting rooms that are a little time worn. Vogue magazine calls out brown rooms (or rooms with brown and caramel) as a 2022 trend. I took a look at a bunch of articles about trends for 2022 and here's some of my favorites.

Caning seems to be making a comeback. A great way to enjoy this look is with an occasional chair. Don't you love this "raw" French antique?

A modern classic frame, this handsome cane-backed chair is on sale for $150 (including cushions!) at Target.

Kitchen hardware seems to have moved from black to brass with layers of patina. This is not that 1990's shiny brass. A forward-thinking blogger just shared her unlacquered brass kitchen hardware she installed last year. It's earning its own patina, looking like it's been around for decades.


In San Jose, Jennifer chose this gorgeous Brizo faucet in a gold luxe finish. It has the look of unlacquered brass, but its patina is permanent. Genius.

According to coming trends for this year, brown furniture is back. This worn French flea market find is a classic but not very practical.

Why not try an affordable leather and coppery chair from BedBath&Beyond ($352.99 for a pair)?

I got a chuckle reading about one 2022 trend - "a mix of styles" - some contemporary, some midCentury, some even older. Let's face it, without an unlimited budget, our rooms are full of that look. Compatable colors and finishes make for an interesting and cohesive look.

I love that Leanne Ford (Have you seen her HGTV shows? ) isn't answering the "What's new for 2022" question. She says that everything comes and goes and if you love your rooms, stick with that look. Her trademark creamy walls teamed with black woodwork, oversize light shades, linen furniture and natural wood is now timeless. Well, it turns out, I'm not a big fan of trends either. Seems like the best idea is that if you see a trend you love, adopt it and be happy. I'm guessing keeping trendy rooms is not for the faint of heart. Speaking of love and hearts, Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

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