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TWEAKS + inspiration : A Miracle of a Method

I've been looking forward to this project for years. Our current house has 3 bathrooms, all with shell pink tile shower surrounds complete with grey diamond shaped accents. Hello, 1990 ! More importantly, there are quite a few cracked tiles. I called Miracle Method in late January and bathroom #1 (on the main floor) was transformed. It turned out so great that last week, Paul at Miracle Method came back to do the other two bathrooms downstairs on the bedroom level. Let's see what happened.

In the main floor bathroom, the cracked tiles were prepared before priming.

After a primer and final coat, the shower surround dried overnight. Prior to Miracle Method arriving, Handyman Tim removed all the hardware. I'm calling them "fixtures," but it's really the faucet, spout, shower head and that gizmo that keeps the water in the bathtub.

A fan blew overnight in the main floor bathroom. There was a smell, but it wasn't too bad.

The original 1990's white bits were replaced with chrome ones. Little did I know that replacement parts would prove hard to find. I finally talked to American Standard (the original manufacturer) who suggested an internet company that sells "new vintage." They didn't have all the parts but there was an old guy in St. Louis who might. He'd send what he had but they were having a snow blizzard so it would be a while. I was still missing a few pieces. On a lark, I looked online at Home Depot and wonder of wonders, they had one each of the last two pieces I needed. Easy Peasy! Not . . . turns out not sold in California due to possible lead. Connie in Oregon City was willing to accept the contraband and send to me. Thank you, Connie!

This last piece, also discontinued by American Standard over 10 years ago, led me on a wild goose chase. It is called an "escutcheon plate." Who knew? None of the small parts companies in the whole of the US had that part. I finally thought of having these chrome platted. I went to one plater who quoted me $450. $450 each. I needed three done. Clearly, he didn't want the business. John, at Johnson Plating in downtown Oakland, platted each for $150. Gulp.

Downstairs bathroom(#2) masked and almost ready to spray.

After cracked tiles were repaired, primer was sprayed on prior to final coat. That dried overnight, and Paul came back the next morning to chalk.

A fan blew fumes out the window for two days.

The day after Miracle Method was finished, Handyman Tim reattached all the fittings.

The bathrooms have the same new chrome fittings, including those newly plated escutcheon plates.

Here's bathroom #2 before and after. Not sure the photo shows how much brighter this windowless room feels. And no more cracks.

And here's bathroom #3, before and after. I'd like to have the tile re-grouted as they are showing wear. I did get a quote - $1000 per floor. Gulp. I'll be looking for a less expensive alternative. In the meantime, I'm going to take a few weeks off from DecorBook. New wood floors are being installed on the main floor starting Tuesday and the house will be torn up for two weeks. I'll be back to show you the floors and whatever else may be going on very soon. In the meantime, enjoy your spring and Happy Easter!


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