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Places We Go : South Shore Shopping

At the pump getting gas on Friday. I looked around and thought, "Gee, this has got to be one of the prettiest shopping centers around." Right here in Alameda, CA. An island beach town in the Bay Area just twenty minutes from home. So, here's the view from the gas station and beyond the shopping center is the San Francisco Bay and its pretty beach. After getting gas, I wandered through the open air shopping center. While there are 70 stores and 15 restaurants, I mostly stayed outdoors. Let's take a look for some garden ideas.

Native grasses and a flower box filled with flowering creeping rosemary. I planted the same plant in my porch flower boxes last month so fun to see what they'll look like when mature.

Architectural benches scattered through the mall.

Tall leafy trees provide shade for shoppers.

Fun to spot animal sculptures throughout the shopping center.

Clematis and foxtail fern border one store. When we moved to California, I was surprised to see these ferns thriving outdoors. Turns out, it's a member of the asparagus family and not actually not a fern at all.

A branch of one of my favorite stores, Daiso. A friend perfectly describes the chain as"Japanese dollar stores."

I can never resist a quick trip inside. Don't you love these little chairs? I leaned a pack of clothes pins nearby for a size comparison. Both are just $1.50 each.

Spectacular hibiscus display outside the credit union.

Hibiscus is one of nature's best.

A favorite Italian restaurant, Trabocoo, with its pandemic outdoor seating. I can't wait to go back.

Flower boxes full of salvia, lavender and rosemary. Not sure what the little yellow flowers are.

Even the frogs have fun at South Shore.

At Bowl'd BBQ, a new Korean restaurant. I like the two-toned painted planters.

Hey, that's me with my new sunflowers from T.J.Maxx. $3 a flower.

At the edge of the parking lot. So lush!

Another favorite store, Whales&Friends.

Dolly dropped to the ground as a little girl concentrates on the flowers.

Leaving the shopping center, the beach is just across the road.

A few blocks down, the tide looks to be out. And while I was in the neighborhood, look what's happened!

Remember this house on the beach? I was really interested and it sold for a million bucks. I wrote about it in an article called, "Places We Go : Alameda Beach House." You can see it by going to "Places We Go," then scrolling down to "Alameda Beach House."

Wow! Look at it now! I'm hoping it's going on the market as I would love to see inside. That's Alameda for you - making jewel after jewel. Alameda is an island filled with treasures and a population of about 75,000. It's home to a beloved monthly flea market (I'm hoping to go in June) and amazing neighborhoods. Next time you're in the area, be sure to drive over one of the bridges or take a ferry from San Francisco. I'll be happy to meet you there for lunch!


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