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Places We Go : A White House in San Jose

A few weeks ago, we looked at Jennifer & Javier's new interior in sunny San Jose, California. Then, as they were "in for a penny, in for a pound," the exterior was stuccoed and painted. Let's see what.happened.

First up, was refinishing the stucco to a smoother, more modern look. Jennifer chose a white paint. As the painters went to town, she wondered if the color was too stark.

I think it looks beautiful painted "stark" white and the new stucco surface, with less texture, is dreamy.

A bougainvillea will be planted on that long white wall. I can hardly wait to see it grow, turning this house into a Mediterranean villa. Bellissima!

A big paint transformation from the original gold color to a crisp white.

Perfect! So fresh and the details show well. The dark chocolate trim was smart as black might have been too severe..

Of course, new paint calls for new house numbers.

And new lighting.

Oh, and new kitchen windows were needed as this wall was rebuilt.

A few projects remain. Jennifer will repaint this wicker chair for the porch.

And paint this stand, filling it with lush greenery.

And refresh this little iron pug sign.

As for now, the sparkling exterior matches the new interior.

Here's to a bright, welcoming facade both in daytime and at night. A job well done.

all photos : Jennifer in San Jose

You can contact Jennifer's contractor at

paint colors : Architectural by Sherwin Williams (body), Brown Bear" by Kelly Moore (trim)


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