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Places We Go : A 1950's Bathroom

Suzanne's sweet 1950's cottage in Livermore, CA still had most of its original bathroom. While a new master bath had been added a few years ago during an almost whole house redo, this bathroom was the last bastion of the 1950's.

Suzanne was ready for the pink, white and green tile to go.

The amazing cast iron bathtub was reglazed. Do you notice how hosts of home decorating shows always drool over these old tubs? You just can't get this quality anymore. Suzanne would add a new vanity and toilet but keeping this classic tub was a great plan.

And that black and white tile? Replaced with handsome large octagon black tile.

Suzanne was looking for glazed porcelain stoneware tiles to replace those pink, white and green ones around the shower. One day, she texted Jennifer and me this tile choice. What did we think? Jennifer immediately texted, "Go for it!" I gulped. Wow - I've never seen anything like this. Hmm . . . The more I looked, the more I thought this tile might be perfect. But first, I had to do a little research. There are 6 different styles of 12" square tiles in one box. It's up to the homeowner to arrange. A 1950's cottage could definitely handle this tile. So the next day, I texted, "Yes, I love it!"

And I love it more once it was installed. Could it be any better? The shampoo niche is perfect, too.. Suzanne questioned her tile choice - was it too bold? But she didn't blink! Congratulations, Suzanne, to the most charming of bathrooms.

photos : thanks to suzanne !

Mutina Chymia Mix 2 white glazed procelain stoneware wall and floor tiles. For more detail :


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