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Happy Hour : Fast Fall Decorating

Want a quick way to decorate for fall? For me, all it really took were two 69 cent Safeway pumpkins, a Michael's coupon and a 2-day delivery Amazon order. This year, with all fall foliage stems 40% off and armed with a coupon for sale items, I went a bit overboard at Michael's. I'm not a fan of fake flowers but fall leaves are so expensive (around here, the only fall foliage leaves are found at the flower mart - seriously!). So, $22 later, here's a big bouquet in our entry way. From there, it was a quick change of mantel, pillow covers and autumn had arrived.

If you're like me, every season I have a new favorite color and this fall, it's green. I found some amazing "kiwi" green velvet pillow covers on Amazon for $18 each. They are very well made and a soft velvet. Coupled with a few dark green IKEA covers, I have enough green to spread around our rooms. I'd love to have each pillow equipped with seasonal covers. No storage of extra pillows, just a quick zip of a cover each time a new season rolls around.

Living room in shades of green. Can't wait until weather cools enough for a fire.

Living room mantel - Safeway mini pumpkins and treasures from basement's "fall"

bin : collected turkey buzzard feathers from our deck, Aunt Mildred's mechanical robot and Connie's candied ginger jar.

Sunroom tableau keeps the green theme.

View from living room to entryway.

A smiley face collage I did last year. All you have to do is cut and paste and paint a little.

In another room, another smiley face collage. Those are beer bottle caps on the tree and the other frame came from the San Pablo Flea Market.

And as always, my entryway good luck charm is all decked out. This time in fall colors (necklaces from my jewelry box). Here's to fall in all our rooms.

  • Thanks for the reminder. It’s so hard for me to flip the switch on summer to autumn ? I’m still hanging on to warm weather despite the cooler nights and some golden leaves. I did pick up a giant pumpkin ? for $2.49 that I’ll carve in a week or two. That will signal Fall is here!

R. Rebecca on Oct 01, 2017


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