Happy Hour : Bed Making

Here's a simple Happy Hour - take a look at your bed making to see if there's room for improvement.

How many pillows on a bed is too many? I count at last 10 pillows on this bed and I'm not sure if that includes the ones that go under heads. That's a lot of taking off and putting back on each morning. And that's a lot of karate chopping to get the correct dimple. If this style brings you joy, I'm all for it. Around here, we've taken a much simpler approach. Let's take a look at bed making.

Years ago, P asked why we had so many pillows on our bed. Hmm, I couldn't give him an answer. In our 2nd bedroom, bed making is as simple as it gets. Just two sleeping pillows, a top sheet and a feather light comforter. Easy peasy.


Luxdecor.com details a "luxury bed" including : 1. pillows, 2. European square pillows, 3. accent cushions, 4. duvet cover, 5. flat sheet, 6. fitted sheet, 7. throw. I see this style often in shelter magazines. Lately, have you noticed casually made beds are being featured? I wonder if just having the necessities on a bed are becoming more popular.

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If you've traveled to Northern European countries, you're familiar with beds made up in this fashion. There's a fitted sheet on the mattress and a duvet for each sleeper. Each duvet cover is washed with the sheet and pillow cases. I once spent a winter in St. Moritz working as a hotel maid (in return, I got a ski pass, a cozy room, all meals plus a little money). I spent hours un-buttoning and re-buttoning duvet covers when cleaning rooms. Still, I was and am a fan of this style of bed making.


For decades in the U.S., most beds were made by using a simple bedspread. Over the years, styles changed to include quilts, duvets, throws, bed skirts and a ton of extra pillows.


A couple of weeks ago, on Shark Tank, two women were selling a giant headband that goes around the box spring to keep the fitted sheet in place. I was all set to buy but reviews are mixed. But wouldn't you love to wake up on top of a military-like tucked fitted sheet?


We have found a great comforter for sleeping in Northern California. The comforters in both our bedrooms are from Amazon - $70 for a king - and they wash beautifully. They are so light - it doesn't really feel like anything is on top of us. All we use is a top sheet and this comforter, pictured here..

Turns out, I've always been into bed making. Here I am in the 1960's proudly showing off my bed making skills. Ha! Hope you'll take a Happy Hour to access your bed. A little tweak might be just the ticket to making life a bit simpler.

top photo : briahammelinteriors.com

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