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DecorBook Classic : Stage Craft

Do you have theatrical moments in your rooms? Something that looks a little "out there" but makes you smile? This little bust ($20 from TJ Maxx) was looking a little blah in the entry way and I was still looking for some more yellow to scatter around our rooms.

Sue and I had made our first visit to Tail of the Yak off College Avenue in Berkeley a couple of Saturdays ago. I bought little disks made out of metallic fabric ( $6 ), made a wool felt collar and sewed the disks on as appliqués. Her top hat is a treasured child's hat from one of the Confederated Warms Tribes (Warm Springs, Wasco or Paiute) Ruthann gave me years ago. Now, she's all set for spring.

Yesterday morning, I headed over to Discount Fabrics in Berkeley. Gotta love a store that is a huge hodge podge of rolls of fabric. Each visit is a treasure hunt and yesterday, I found the perfect yellow burlap for the last bit of yellow accents in our rooms. With my girl in the entry way, the yellow glassybaby on the mantel, a few yellow pillows and this tray insert, I've got sunshiny yellow covered this spring.

Another stage craft is directing attention away from something on stage. In the case of my bedroom, my attention often lingers on this clutter of books.

Finally, I worked out a solution with a piece of $9 burlap from Discount Fabrics.

Using thumb tacks to secure at the top, there's easy access to books.

Mission accomplished. Now a cluttered bookcase is not the first thing I see.

I'm sure we can come up with some other theatrical moments in our rooms. Here's to setting the stage in your rooms this spring.


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