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DecorBook Classic : Christmas at Home, 2020

A few friends had their trees up before Thanksgiving this year - a little cheer in the fall of the pandemic. Don't you love that? While I waited until the day after Thanksgiving; I thought, maybe, we'd just have a few decorations out and be done with it. But, of course, that didn't completely happen. Somehow having a festive house for just the two of us seemed right this year. Let's take a look.

In the entryway, Santas here and there and an IKEA sheepskin seat cover on the chair.

And in the entryway niche, Grandma's books from the 1800's.

I kept the rest of the entryway simple by adding snowflakes and stuffing an urn with Santas.

A pot full of Santas.

And the little Christmas tree in the entryway.

In the living room, red velvet pillow covers (Amazon) and a bowl of peppermint candies in the living room.

On the mantel, those 35-year-old reindeer from Fred Meyer in Portland. My first and only trip to Michael's (since January) produced this berry garland ($20).

Snowflakes on the windows - clear and cold for us (42 degrees) this morning.

A little trio on the sunroom table.

Angels gather on my desk. A way of celebrating my mom who died on Christmas Day, fifteen years ago. I know some of you have new angels this year and I'm holding them in my heart, too. No matter how you celebrate this year, I hope it's special.


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