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Color Game : A Twist on Red/White&Blue

It never fails. This time of year, I wonder how my rooms would look in red/white&blue. It's such a classic color combination that twenty-eight countries have red, white and blue flags. Rooms in these colors deserve a light touch since the colors are strong. A perfect example is this breezy, cottagey look (above) with a worn denim pillow and casual dhrurrie rug.

A layered look with mostly muted colors makes for a successful room. I like that most large pieces are neutral and color (red) can be added when desired.

These colors are brighter but how fun are those drapes?

A more classic look - perfect for summer.

Around here, in my "family" area (really a wide hallway), I've got my Summer Girl painting propped against the wall. And of course some red books. It's a riff on red/white&blue.

And in the kitchen, a US flag I won as a kid for playing "The Star-Spangled Banner" on the piano. Enjoy your Sunday! I 'll be back July 21 with a new adventure. In the meantime, stay cool.


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