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DecorBook Classic : A Little Bedroom

True confession. I have a bedroom just for me. OK, it might be due to my noisy sleeping (who me?) but it's fun to have a little room all my own. I've tried to make it as calm as possible without a clock or TV. I gathered both old and newer to set the tone. Let's see how it turned out.

The only "stuff" in the room is on the table which I change often. The table was my parent's mahogany dining room table (circa 1946) painted chalk white. Currently : a pot (Wisteria), a leaf (IKEA), a relief from my grandmother (circa 1900) and a lamp (Bed Bath & Beyond). P and I made the headboard years ago from a half sheet of ply and some foam topped with fabric from a Matelassé coverlet (Marshalls).

The gray tray (Ross) tops my grandmother's trunk filled with keepsakes. The black screen (folded) is there because I can't figure out what to do with it. (If you have any ideas, please let me know.) The settee (Target) is a great little spot for a quick think. On the walls, a starburst mirror (TJMaxx) and a little painting from my other grandmother. The alabaster ceiling light (Lamps Plus) was on their half price table. The door opens to the closet.

Inside the closet, shelving (Lowe's) hold containers (Target) filled with paints/crafts/sewing/scrapbook stuff.

From the closet corner, another view including the bathroom. (Will I ever get used to the term "en suite?")

A 1940's mahogany dresser mirror (junk store) on the wall and a garden seat (Home Goods). I'm dreaming of a new vanity, shower surround and floor as this is the 1990, original to the house. Perfectly serviceable, unfortunately.

As you can see, we have an upside down house as our bedrooms are on the lower level. In the little bedroom, a shell (souvenir) serves as a doorstop. There's a brass room # (Alameda Flea Market) on the door. When this room was used as a guest room, I thought it would be fun to tell company, "Oh, you're in room 198." And it was.

Well, that's my little room. Just a thought about a very restful room without all the gadgets of everyday life. As you can imagine, most nights, you'll find me in room 198.


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