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Places We Go : Portland April Showers Bring May Flowers

This spring, Portland, OR was deluged with historic rains in April (5.73") and then near record-breaking inches in May (3.76"). As a result, spring gardens have never looked more beautiful. Two friends sent me amazing photo of their yards. Let's take a look and, just for fun, let's see how we can bring these spectacular colors into our rooms.


In Ruthann's front yard, lush rhododendron and azaleas bloom. Hydrangeas and daylilies will bloom in the coming weeks.

Salmon, pink and red bedding capture the colors of a Portland spring.


Rhododendron (the larger bushes) and azalea (smaller bushes) in Ruthann's backyard. These plants are over forty-five years old and have been moved around the yard over the years. A good annual pruning is a key to their success.


It looks like this bedroom drew its inspiration from Ruthann's garden full of bright pinks.


A bit southeast, in Oregon City, Connie's spring flowers are mostly volunteers that reseed themselves yearly. Don't you love the crushed rock path, too?

To get the look of Connie's English garden inside, try pretty flower-inspired linens.


In Connie's front yard beds, spring flowers are plentiful. Columbine in pink and blue (Aquilegia) is a perennial that offers seasonal interest throughout the spring and summer.

For a quick spring look in a bedroom corner, consider using one of your grandmother's white linen tablecloths as a throw.

At the very least, how about bringing in a bouquet (or five !) into your rooms? Enjoy your Sunday!

PS. I'm getting ready for the painters who are coming on Tuesday. They had to reschedule which gave me plenty of time to change my mind about paint colors. You knew that would happen! More on that in two weeks when they're hopefully finished.

top photo : Ruthann


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