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Color Game : Painting My Rooms

Remember my drama about selecting paint colors for my rooms? Even though I wrote that I had chosen White Dove by Benjamin Moore, I was a bit unsettled. I emailed Samantha, the colorist, telling her I wanted a color with a bit more "meat." She suggested White Duck by Sherwin-Williams. It was love at first site. I could hardly wait for Jesus and his crew to arrive to start painting. The last time our rooms were painted, the house was empty. This time, the process was much different as rooms were full of furniture. First, every room was wrapped in a cocoon in plastic and paper. It was a bit surreal.

After a full day of taping, the next day was spent repairing dings and scars on the walls. Enrique came in for a half-day to texture spots on the walls that truly bugged me. Example : Sconces were added above the fireplace when we first moved in but the wiring patchwork was just that. Now, I can't tell the walls were ever ripped up.

Twelve outlets for phones and cable TV were removed a few months ago. Enrique patched and retextured those spots and now, they are invisible.

On day 3, there was a lot of hand sanding and then the mantels, bookcases and cabinets got two coats of paint. I didn't know that until I walked into the rooms because there was no paint smell. Absolutely none. I welcomed myself to the twenty-first century.

One day, I went into the kitchen for a snack and was surprised to see it almost shrink-wrapped.

Luis sprayed the shelves of the bookcases.

On the fourth day, hardware was removed from sixteen doors before they were sprayed.

Then Manny sanded down the walls.

Late in day 4, wall color was applied to the baseboards. There was a debate on painting the baseboards the trim or wall color. Even my contractor, Jesus, said he thought, in this case, it would look better the wall color. So, introducing White Duck by Sherwin Williams. I can finally see the paint color!

White Duck by Sherwin-Williams. Flat for walls, satin for baseboards.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore. Satin for all trim, including doors and fireplace mantels.

On Saturday, day 5, wall color goes on. Boy, I didn't realize how yellow the walls had been. The 1990's called and they want that yellow back. Did I just write that?

At the end of most days, I just walked around amazed. On the far wall, you can see the difference between White Duck and the yellow. In my defense, P always liked our rooms to look sunny. I did, too.

Up 22 feet, I held my breath while Oscar painted. Once the wall color started to go up, the days flew by.

Some rooms were left with their original taupe wall color. But, every room got their trim and doors painted Simply White so that the same trim color is throughout the house. Next on the list is replacing the carpet in the bedrooms.

Lead painters Luis and Oscar with Jesus, our long-time contractor. Such aritists and such gentlemen.

Ten days later, everything was painted. I barely have the furniture back in place but you get the idea of White Duck on the walls. I'm going to take my time "shopping my house" for accessories. It's the perfect time to think fresh and I'll be back with that story after the 4th of July. In the meantime, enjoy your summer days!


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