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Color Game : Are YOU Ready for Some Football ?

Are YOU ready for some football? This season's first NFL Sunday games are today. True confession. I've really never been a football fan. My husband doesn't watch sports so that's not been our thing. When I do watch, I always pay attention to the team colors. I guess that's no surprise. Those colors permeate the field and the stands. That got me thinking. Could a true fan have their rooms done up in their team's colors and live comfortably year around? And just so you know, I won't pick favorite teams, just interesting color combinations. Let's take a look.

twitter (@buccaneers)

OK. I have no idea who this player is but when Tampa Bay Buccaneers changed their team colors from orange and white to red, orange, white and pewter in 1997, I was pretty excited. PEWTER?

The NFL's official site lists each team's colors. Here's Tampa Bay's versatile pewter color.

The Buc's colors are dreamy in this living room. I love this room so much, I've added it again for a second look. See a round shape repeated in the chair upholstery, the table base and mirror?

Red, pewter and white equal a warm entryway.

The Carolina Panthers named their blue, Carolina Blue.

Carolina Panther other colors are black and silver.

These colors work wonderfully well with "Carolina blue" Foo Dogs and wild cats (although I don't think they are panthers) on the wallpaper.

Every fan will recognize the Green Bay Packers colors.

The Green Bay Packers' dark, almost black green. Beautiful!

Handcrafted tiles and moody walls in the Packers' green

An English room glows in the Packer's colors.

Metal signage is available for all 32 NFL team logos. I'm not sure I'd want to sleep under a team logo but I bet you'd get no push back from a linebacker. And just like every true Bay Area resident today, I'm thinking "Go 9ers!" ~ Well, what do you think? I'd love to read your comments below.

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