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DecorBook Classic : Wallpaper Revival

Have you noticed that wallpaper is making a big comeback? To be sure, it's a commitment, both in pattern and price. Remember when you could paper an entire room for $100? Now days, one roll can easily cost twice that much. But, wallpaper is still a classic way to add detail to your rooms. Framed as above is a unique way to use wallpaper. To keep on trend and on a budget, here's some more ideas you might try.

Paper just one wall with this beautiful Pimpernel wallpaper designed in 1876. Looks so fresh today.

Speckle peel and stick wallpaper - so modern when juxtaposed with classic furniture.

If wallpapering walls seems like too much of a commitment, consider wallpapering a bookcase backing for visual impact.

Take a fresh look at wallpaper borders but don't feel obligated to use the border as it comes. In our old Portland house, a black&white design (similar to the Greek Key line above, about 2-1/2" high) ran above the white tiled back-splash in the kitchen. Like the above, the original border included other design elements but the border was easily customized. The egg yellow and white room got an inexpensive kick out of a such a classic black and white design. Look at borders, or parts of borders, as a way to inexpensively add an architectural punch.

A border, perhaps trimmed to include only the blue lines, turns this room into a jewel box.

Paintable wallpaper borders are available at big box stores and have a myriad of uses to add detail. In this bedroom, the extra wide border hung right under the molding adds drama.

A kitchen can really sing with a small amount of pattern. While a room filled with this pattern might be overwhelming, the impact seems just right behind kitchen shelving.

Wallpaper adds a nice surprise when opening kitchen drawers.

A wallpaper back-splash (protected by glass or acrylic) anchors the room's color palette.

Lusting after this cheerful laundry room! Using wallpaper in a small room is a way to economize.

Don't you love this chest of drawers completely updated with grass paper?

Why not take a look at your rooms to find the perfect spot for a little wallpaper? Bring back a classic design element in a fresh, modern way. As for me, I've got my eye on our guest bath but that's another story.

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