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Decorbook Classic : Fall Feathers

Fall decorating makes me think of feathers. Maybe it's the migrating birds or an upcoming turkey in the oven - who knows? I do know that I love decorating our rooms with feathers. My very small collection consisted of turkey vulture feathers, inky black and strong. Once in a while, there's one left on our deck. I run out and capture it before the wind takes it away. Each is charming and unique. Last Christmas, Connie gave me a fist full of geese and duck feathers - a very welcomed gift. That got me thinking of ways to display feathers and how feathers have recently come into their own in the design world. (Golly Gard)

A treasured feather collection, simply displayed.

A beautiful bouquet of pheasant feathers.

A paper of stylish peacock eyespots customizes a chest.

Consider this sumptuous rug in a bedroom.

A smart tweed English lampshade, £45 ($58US).

The iconic ostrich lamp is currently on sale for £4,200 ($5,425US).

A favorite way to decorate with feathers is with a juju hat, inspired by the Bamileke people of West Cameroon. They're easy to find to buy and there are lots of tutorials if you'd like to make one yourself.


I hope you're inspired to include some beautiful feathers in your rooms. After all, "the feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power and freedom. It is an object that is deeply revered and a sign of high honor." (native What more can we ask?

Please note -

Unfortunately, according to PETA, "There's simply no fail-safe way to ensure that ducks, geese, chickens, ostriches and emus haven't suffered for feather items." Please buy wisely.

For the fascinating history of the juju hat, please check out:

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