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DecorBook Classic : Fall Decorating

Happy Fall! Doesn't it seem like we could use a little cheering up right about now? Years ago, I stayed with a French Canadian family living in Nairobi, Kenya. One fall day, a box arrived, filled with crisp orange and yellow maple leaves from their homeland. I can't describe how excited everyone was. That got me thinking that even rooms can cheer us up. Usually, fall brings me feathering the nest and getting ready for settling in at home. This year, I'm jumping the gun a bit and bringing in fall colors right now.

Almost fall and the gas fireplace is on to warm us up as fog chills the air.

The living room mantel with bouquets of feathers and sticks and a small chaff of wheat.

Fall is a great time to shop your rooms and storage areas for autumnal colors.

The view from the kitchen to the sunroom. Originally the dining room, we changed into a cozy room to enjoy the view.

Last fall, I bought spice colored pillow covers (26x26) for the living room. They are nice&thick velvet with hidden zippers and grey piping. A great deal for $11 each (Amazon). This year, I bought the same covers for the sunroom chairs and filled them with IKEA's 16x24 duck feather inserts.

In the guest bath, a vignette of wood and metal. Those rose hips stems are from the 99 Cent Store. I cut off the plastic leaves for a more realistic look.

In searching for "fall" colors, I found my palm print at age 5 in "bronzed" plaster.

And in the hall entry niche, my muse all decked out for a fall party.

Even though decorating was "finished," that didn't stop me from my first trip to IKEA this year. I was pretty excited to see some easy fall decorations there, including realistic gourds for $7 per bag.

Leaf garlands, pots of leaves, table linens.

Candles in a sublime fall color.

Bouquets of straw flowers.

I brought this small wreath home and I'll show you how I'm using it next time. In the meantime, I hope you're inspired to do a little fall decorating. There's comfort in spending time in cheerful rooms, safe from smoke, virus germs and the goblins that abound.

top photo : our entry way

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