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DecorBook Classic : Summery Fireplaces

Are you staring into a dark fireplace box this summer? Often overlooked, here's a great opportunity to do something unexpected in your room. Styling a firebox can be a bit tricky. The key is to make it cohesive with not too many elements. In the photo above, a collection of white vases defines a summery look. Easy to achieve by spray painting yard sales finds a flat white. Let's take a look at some other successful summery fireplaces.

A stack of birch branches adds visual interest.

In keeping with the room's decor, a simple basket adds texture and makes the fireplace a focal point. Summer is a also a great time to freshen the firebox with fireplace-rated paint.

A window pane leaned up against the firebox works in the overall look of this room. How about spraying the glass with mirror paint to reflect the rest of the room?

Pictures propped up creates drama. Were they going to be hung? Were they just found? Create the same drama in your fireplace.


Dried hydrangeas bring nature indoors.


This facade is real wood, cut in 4" rounds and affixed to a metal plate for easy removal.

A tumbleweed (found just about everywhere along country roads) gives texture without screaming, "Hey, look at me." This is my favorite look because it doesn't looked planned - just a random place to set a tumbleweed.

Natural, simple and clean - the perfect filling for an empty firebox can be a soothing respite from the dog days of summer. How about taking a look at your fireplace today? A fix is quick and rewarding. Please let me know how it goes.

top photo: midwest


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