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DecorBook Classic : Seeing Stripes

Do you see stripes in your rooms? A great antidote to florals, stripes can be soft and romantic or bold and brash. Maybe it's time to consider stripes in our rooms. Let's look at how to get inspired.


Beach house perfect - bold stripes are the focal point of the room.


Stripes on walls can be painted or wallpapered.


Gorgeously faded stripes on sofa slipcover, perfection. anka

Preppy rug stripes almost seem to reflect the blue sky.

Blue stripes could be easily changed out as a new season arrives.

Easy breezy summery slipcovers.

Clever tile design but maybe we aren't that committed to stripes, yet.

Adorable painted walls.

Classic Roman shade.

And for a quick jolt of stripe, no need to look further than the IKEA Stockholm rug ($199 for a 5 x 7). Already an icon, these classic stripes work in any style of room.

Here's IKEA's rug in a more traditional setting. No matter where you put stripes, they are timeless and chic. Maybe it's time to start seeing stripes.

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