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TWEAKS+inspirations : Made in the Shade

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Since it's sunny and in the 80's around here, it's high time to be outside. On our little deck, we edge our chairs to a small strip of shade and keep moving as the sun passes overhead. Are you dreaming of more shade? Let's look at some ideas to add a little shade on our sunny outdoor rooms.

Don't you love this dining room table with a built in tree? Imagine those leaves turning in the fall.

A simple length of cotton sheeting.

A curtain panel billows in the breeze. IKEA is an ideal source.

Mosquito netting promises easy napping.

apartment therapy

An al fresco meal under a canopy.

Red and white stripes against the blue sky.

Maybe I'm thinking about this all wrong. How about moving the living under the most natural of shade? Wherever you land, here's to a sunny Memorial Day!

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