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DecorBook Classic : Too Many Mirrors

What kind of person has 17 mirrors hanging in their house? I just took a count and that doesn't include the ones over the bathroom sinks. How many mirrors are too many? Maybe a good rule of thumb is one mirror in most rooms but I seem to sneak more in wherever I can. Mirrors bring in light and brightness, make a room look larger and can be a pleasant, cheap thrill.

I'm a big fan of duplicating looks in different rooms as it brings continuity. At the top of this page is a mirror (from Lowe's) in our bedroom that is secured to the wall but also rests on the bureau for a more relaxed look. This "aged" mirror makes everything look a bit more romantic. In the guest room, the same mirror, behind a lamp, brings out a mellow glow.

Right now, I've got about 77 years in bad luck collected by ordering mirrors online. It seems like every time I order one, it comes cracked and is replaced free of charge. It all started with these two mirrors, 24" x 48", I ordered from Ballard Designs for our bedroom. When they arrived with small cracks, I called to ask what to do. "We'll send out replacements," and those came cracked, called again, and then those ... well, you get the idea.

And because extra mirrors were arriving weekly, those were assigned to the entryway's empty walls. Two 24" x 48" panels are hung lengthwise to form one larger mirror directly across from each other. They reflect each other and make the room look brighter and wider than it really is. This was one of those times, P said, "Are you sure you want these here?" And when the really heavy-duty drywall bolts came out, I understood why he was asking. Those mirrors aren't going anywhere.

The smaller mirrors (from Target) look a bit like Mediterranean portholes.

This mirror (from Home Depot) over the kitchen sink might sound like an odd idea. Fortunately, ours is hung too high for me to see into but as I stand at the sink, it reflects light from a wall of windows behind me.

Mirrors in the bathroom are a necessity and this plate-glass (like the kind you can hang over a bathroom sink) was the most inexpensive way to get a big mirror on this bathroom wall. It goes up right to the ceiling and still needs a frame.

The mirror (from HomeGoods) over the living room fireplace was love at first site. I put it in the shopping cart and rolled around the store repeating, "The last thing I need is another mirror," but in the end, the color drove it to the checkout counter.

I love a mirror over the toilet - that way men can check themselves out if they have an extra minute. This one in the guest bath is mahogany bought at a thrift store.

Our mirrors have come from everywhere - thrift stores, big box stores, garage sales. You can almost guarantee there will be a mirror at any yard sale. Don't forget you can easily change the look by changing up the frame - use spray paint or a hot glue gun (maybe add shells or rope?).

Whatever you do, love your mirrors. After all, they reflect the light in your rooms and the beauty outside.

  • I love mirrors especially in the bathroom. I have the mirrors placed so I can see the back of my hair while styling it.

Linda on Apr 12, 2016

  • Love this one! We are fellow travelers! Had to ask myself that awhile back, but left each one! Love the Décor Book. I too anticipate it’s arrival Thanks !

Layne Bailey on Apr 04, 2016

  • 17 mirrors does seem like a lot but let me do a count here. We have 7, so you have us beat by 10. We’ve been shopping for a large mirror for our dining room which is a tight space that we want to open-up and lighen-up without doing a major construction project. Now that the weather is better, I’ll start making the rounds at Estate Sales to see if I can find just the right one at the right price. Thanks for the reminder, Kathleen!

R. Rebecca on Apr 03, 2016

  • Every time an e-mail arrives from one of your blogs, I click on it first. You have such exciting & innovative ideas that encourage me to change things up a bit in our home! Thanks a bunch….keep them coming!

Sue Pahlke on Apr 03, 2016

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