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DecorBook Classic : Jump-Start Spring

Hello! I'm rerunning this article from a few years ago as maybe we need a bit of sun while in our shelter&place mode. Everything around here looks the same except that ]the slipcovered furniture was replaced last year.

Maybe it's jumping the gun, but aren't you ready for a sunny spring? Getting your rooms ready is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3. First, choose one accent color to spread around your rooms. Inspiration for our rooms comes from just outside our windows - Forsythia, Scotch Broom and Acacia blooming yellow everywhere (Gesundheit!) Let's look at 5 easy ideas to bring spring inside.

1. Flowers. Fake or real? I love buying stems of Forsythia from the SF Flower Mart every February but 5 artificial stems from Michael's seems the easiest way to go. OK, they look a little fake but the color is perfect.

Nothing like the drama of the real deal in the entry way a few years ago.

And a few years before that.

2. Add something reflective. Maybe replace a picture with a mirror or add glass balls, anything to reflect all the sun coming through the windows.

3. Cover existing pillows in your accent color. I sewed these yellow covers a few years ago. The gray covers are from IKEA, a great source for pillow covers and inserts (poly or down). Be sure to either put in two inserts or add batting so your pillows are nice and full. Once they flatten out, 10 minutes in the no heat dryer plumps them right back up.

4. Add some accent color to your mantel. I scoured my rooms and the basement to find some yellow pieces to use.

Last year's yellow glassybaby.

And this little yellow plane. A few years ago, Jeff gave P this little 1940/50's balsa wood plane. It's a line controlled speed plane but isn't it also folk art? Most days, it's displayed with his plane memorabilia, but every spring it has a place of honor on our living room mantel. Not only is the size perfect for display, it's the perfect yellow for spring.

A view of the living room from the sunroom.

The sunroom chairs have the same gray IKEA slip covers. I'd love yellow ones - maybe next year.

5. Add color to your trays or linens. I limit myself just to amping up the trays scattered around. Cut a piece of simple burlap cloth and fringe the edges.

Little ceramic pears add some color in a kitchen collection of whites.

6. Change up your art work. No better time to bring out this happy face, yellow- head collage.

So that's my 5 easy ideas to get some spring in your rooms. Would love to hear your quick tips! And thinking ahead, store all items in one plastic bin so they are ready for next time you want to use this color. The pillow covers, burlap and a few accessories will all go into a bin labelled YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW. After all, spring will be back before we know it.

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