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DecorBook Classic : Going Glam

Let's face it. If you are like me, you don't consider your rooms to be glamorous. Modern glam is surely different than the Hollywood glam of the 1960's. Now, glamorous rooms seem to be a bit monochromatic with a touch of animal print, mirror and metallic all rolled into one sublime room. A touch of glam can perk up any room and make it sizzle. Let's look at some glam ideas we might want to try.

Too much? Choose a dramatic focal point for your room. If not a chandelier, why not one of these ideas?

An oversize mirror over the bed. I have almost the identical mirror from HomeGoods in a greyed wood. Just a spray of gold would glam it up.

An old world oversized gold framed mirror could fit in many a modern room.

Light feature lined in a silvery glow and faux fur pillows.

An old gold or silver frame makes for instant glamor.


Bring a little glam into your kitchen with tape. This will surely make you smile everyday.

You might agree that a marble bath is very glamorous, but those tulips really bring the room to another level. Fresh flowers are glamorous. (french flair)

If you have a footed tub, consider painting the outside a glam metallic color.

A vanity is about as glamorous as it gets. A simple table and good lighting creates the foundation.

Flea markets are filled with old vanity trays which add glam to a bath or bedroom.

A tiered tray, once filled with holiday canapes, shines with a perfume collection.

A glass tiered confection can easily be made.

Imagine this gold tray filled with old silver jugs and bowls of your jewelry and placed on your bathroom counter or atop a chest of drawers. (starrynight)

A sequined pillow on your bed might just be enough glam. Modern glam is metallic colors, fresh flowers, faux fur and mirror. How about trying a bit in your rooms? The very least we can do is get out the good stuff (like china and silver) to enjoy everyday in our homes. After all, live is too short not to be glamorous.

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