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TWEAKS+inspiration : Polar Bear Style

Nephew Owen has a thing for polar bears. He'd get a kick out of knowing about a classic style of upholstered furniture some people call "Polar Bear" furniture. Jean Royere created this cuddly furniture form in 1947 for his mother's Paris apartment and it took the design world by storm. In recent years, it's been the go-to collectable. Original sofa and two chair sets have sold for more than a million dollars. Cozy and in a array of colors, the Polar Bear look has hit mainstream. Why not incorporate a bit of cuddle into your rooms?
Original Royere furniture in a Malibu beach house by John Lautner.

While there were only about 150 furniture pieces built by Royere, a company now makes his original designs. There are lots of knock offs including the Rico Sofa 3 in off-white bouclé, selling for $3900.

An original midcentury design that's actually cozy.

A white boucle upholstered chair, circa 1950's - $3800.

The Tired Man Lounge Chair by Dane Flemming Lassen, $4500.

If you want a touch of polar bear, toss a sherpa ball pillow into your room.

Often, a trend starts in interiors and moves into fashion. Now you can even get cuddly at Target. Collarless sherpa coat in Prologue Cream for $70.

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"‘L’Ours Polaire’ was the name given circa 1950 by the eminent mid 20th C French designer Jean Royère to the bulbous three-seat curved-shaped sofa with a banana-shaped backrest standing on cylindrical legs. Originally created and called ‘Boule’ (‘ball’), it is first recorded as being upholstered in off-white wool and being part of a set coming with a pair of armchairs also, ahem, bear-ing the same name." - A Gent of Style by Fabrice Bana

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