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DecorBook Classic : Spa Living

Have you ever sighed with pleasure as you climbed into an all white luxurious bed at a resort hotel? If you want to turn your private rooms into 5-star hotel luxury, how about starting by using only white linens? While there are a million yummy colors, for true spa living, white is the way to go.

For sheets, crisp white percale in 100% cotton is a great standard. It seems like the thread count doesn't really matter. Just feel the sheets before you buy. We have Frontgate's Resort Pintuck Egyptian Cotton Percale Sheets. While they are a little more expensive (watch for January sales), they hold up very well. After they come out of the dryer, they feel like they've been outside on the line all afternoon.

When the weather turns cool, flannel or jersey makes for a cozy bed. Creamy white Portuguese flannel seems most inviting.

For me, 100% linen sheets are the gold standard.

For a spa-like bathroom, lots of white towels are a necessity. Last year, we bought Frontgate towels for the house (watch for good sales - 30% off and free shipping). After at least 50 washings, they are as a soft and thick as when we first bought them. Caring takes a little discipline - wash in cold water, no bleach and low dryer heat. As with any white towel, they don't fade with washing.

Piles of white towels whisper "spa." A basket of towels, a stack on an open shelf, a few on the edge of a bathtub laying in wait.

In our principal bedroom, white curtains, sheets and blankets (and taupe quits). Keeping to one color throughout your rooms provides a cohesive touch. Collecting linens can be an ongoing project as you replace worn towels and bedding. Consider all white. Surprisingly easy to keep clean, it may dramatically change the feel of your rooms.

In a perfect world, I dream of 100% linen sheets - freshly laundered and pressed delivered to our door weekly. Experiencing 100+ year old Italian linen sheets once was an almost a life-changing moment. And finding out they sell for thousands of dollars a set, it turned out to be a once in life-time moment. Right now, we'll stick with cotton.

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  • Originally published on August 14, 2016

  • The only thing missing is the massage.

Gary on Aug 15, 2016

  • Oh – how I love crisp cotton sheets! On a recent get-away weekend, we stayed at a B&B and I would have sworn that the sheets had been starched and ironed. They were so perfect as were the pillow cases. I cheat and iron the pillow cases for my guests but at our place, the sheets come right out of the dryer and go quickly on to the beds. Thanks for sharing. It has been another busy summer with guests in and out, so come January, I’ll hit the White Sales.

R. Rebecca on Aug 14, 2016​

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