DecorBook Classic : Holiday Works of Art

Happy 2020! Don't you love a new decade? Filled with optimism and that lovely thought of starting fresh.

This article was originally published on 12/10/2016 but I thought you might enjoy seeing it again. It's never too early to start making your own artwork for next holiday!

Take one look at this wreath and I bet you're thinking just what I did. "Hey, I could do that." Seems we all have ready "stock" just laying around our rooms for assorted projects. Why not open those costume jewelry boxes, spray paint some existing decorations white or a metallic color and assemble into a new piece? A piece to be cherished for years to come. Here's some ideas we can all do.

vickie merrick (Pinterest)

Don't you love these framed trees, all made with pieces of old jewelry? How better to appreciate Aunt Ethel's rhinestone and Mom's old Christmas tree brooches?

An ornament is a wonderful way to remember a family member's jewels.

Consider other shapes. This large angel was sold on eBay last year, asking price was $499.

This vintage French 27" cone is on eBay for $595. Stunning. A hot glue gun and your old costume jewelry is all you need.

This wreath takes my breath away. Imagine consolidating bits and pieces around your house to create one fantastic piece to enjoy.

Here's to creating your own work of art. By the way, this is a great time of year to donate to charity stores. Just let them know that your donation is Christmas decorations so they can get it on the floor right away.

top photo : Uploader (Pinterest)

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