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TWEAKS+inspiration : A Colorful Christmas

What's fresh for holiday decorating? This year, it's lots of multicolor rooms - cheerful and of course, colorful! Let's take a look at some quick decorating multicolor tricks - and to get us started, don't you love this idea for your table? A length of black butcher paper, some chalk and the sky is the limit. Now that the table is set, let's look at more colorful ideas.

A perfect room from the Canadian magazine, House+Home. The graphic rug, loads of colorful pillows, wreaths trimmed in hot pink ribbon and a tree jammed with ornaments. Even the gift wrap picks up the theme of a colorful room that's just plain fun.

Ask your local Christmas tree lot for some freshly cut branches and add your favorite colorful ornaments.

If you don't have a tiered stand, you can stack pedestal cake plates for a quick kitchen tableau.

Maybe too much color?

I prefer this stlyish garland all dressed up with loads of colorful balls.


Bowls of old fashion Christmas candies scattered about.

If your'e just not in the mood to drag out the Christmas stash, consider the paper orb. I can't imagine a more festive, sexy room.

Remember the front door as a way to wish the neighborhood, "Happy Holidays."

BTW , most holiday decor is on sale right now so a great time to grab a wreath for the door. Next Sunday, we'll look at how color inspired our rooms here in Oakland.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays!

top photo : house

black butcher paper, 36" wide x 100' long ($25) for available for delivery this week @ Amazon.

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