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DecorBook Classic : Christmas at Home, 2019

Merry Christmas! Here's hoping you're all settled down with shopping done and presents wrapped. Last Christmas, I was a bit lost in any decorating scheme. As you may remember, I pared down my Christmas stash by about 75%. The negative is that it's still shocking to look in the basement expecting to see more bins full of decorations. The positive is that decorating this year was fast and fun. I've embraced the Multi-Color-Everything theme of decorating. I did do a little shopping - red velvet pillow covers, some glass balls (Michael's), a bucket of peppermint melt-away candies. Now, our house smells like peppermint.

On the living room mantel, a collection of mercury glass trees and my 35-year- old willow reindeer (Fred Meyer). Scattered around the rooms are colorful glass balls, each anchored by a heavy dollop of rubber cement.

The sunroom with more red velvet pillows and colorful glass balls scatter on top of bookshelves. The old decorating standbys : Jimmy in his BELIEVE sweater. Dollar Store snowflakes in every window.

In the entryway, my favorite Santas. Let's face it. My only Santas.

Santa's Workshop in my office.

This year's four red themed wrappings (TJ Maxx) and satin ribbon (San Francisco Flower Market). I like to wrap early and leave under the tree before sending off to friends and family.

And in our bedroom, a bit of winterland magic . Kimberley's handcrafted tree - made from hundreds of rhinestone jewels, some old, some new - is an amazing work of art and a treasure to have. It brings a smile to my face each time I see it as it's magical and bright.

May all your holidays be magical and bright, too!

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