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TWEAKS+inspiration : Skirting the Christmas Tree

Don't you love Christmas tree skirts? I especially like the handmade ones with lots of personality. Growing up, my mom wrapped a white sheet at the base of the tree and called it a day. For years, I used a length of moss green silk duponti. Last year, we traded in our 8' tree for a 4-1/2' which we sat on a 24" high table but the whole thing didn't look quite right. What do this year? Turns out, there's a ton of possibilities. Here's some great choices for an alternate to a tree skirt.

Well, maybe not this look but it does include my beloved moss.

A simple basket.

A cozy, snowy wrap.

A stoneware crock.

Almost any vessel will work for a small tree.

A wooden bushel.

A vintage container coordinating with the tree's decorations.

An affordable galvanized metal tub.

As it turns out, I'm taking this tree stump as my inspiration. I'll show you what I came up with next Sunday. Just don't look for snow scattered on the floor. In the meantime, enjoy decorating your tree! Please send me a photo (kathleen@decorbook) if you have a minute.

Here's my brother, Tommy (age 1-1/2), and me (5) in front of our sheet wrapped tree. With all the "rain" on the tree, who had time to sew up a tree skirt?

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