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Places We Go : Visiting Pinterest

I'm a big fan of Pinterest, so when Sally invited me to a Pinterest "event" at their San Francisco headquarters last weekend, I was all in. She reserved us admission a few weeks prior to the event. The event was a curated holiday bazaar with 38 San Francisco companies who advertise on Pinterest.

We got there an hour prior to their opening and we were first in line. 15 minutes later, there were 2 blocks of people waiting to get in and that line lasted all day. Sally found out they took the first 350 reservations and then waited to let people in as others left.

Sally scores a nautical tote and backpack.

There was a good assortment of crafts and edibles. Everything from dog accessories to the spiciest Bloody Mary mix ever.

Pinterest was the perfect hostess. They gave us a book on the 2019 100 Top Pinterest Trends. And they provided such amazing finger food that Sally and I had to table lunch. Here's what was on the menu -

vegan kabocha coconut & ginger soup with micro wasabi & crispy shallots

Guinness braised beef hand pies

turkey & basil meatballs

drop biscuits with pomegranate honey

bruschetta with goat cheese, squash and pumpkin seeds

miniature pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

little lemon tarts

Two Pinterest employees happily taught us how to make snowmen ornaments.

To get invited next year, watch for the event called, "38 Makers." See you in line!

I hope you follow me on Pinterest - gWitster Finds. I'm grateful for my 15,000 followers.

most photos - Sally Robinson

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