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DecorBook Classic : Gold Frame

Don't you love a score? I'm all excited about this $10 gold frame (4' x 3') found at a rather permanent flea market in Berkeley, CA. Kicking out the battered plexiglass and dusting it off the best I could, I could hardly wait to get it home. Looks like it has a bad case of premature aging due to the weather but the patina is perfect. The linen interior frame was nasty but a quick coat of flat black paint fixed that. Now the question is what to put in the frame. Let's look at some ideas.


Bulletin Board

Bathroom Mirror

Mantel Mirror

Leaning gallery wall

Aged mirror



Chalkboard paint, photo, collage, painting? Sometimes, the best idea comes later. For right now, plain old cardboard is a place holder. Here's to finding more gold winners wherever you may go.

To read more about the Berkeley flea market, read Places We Go : San Pablo Ave.

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