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DecorBook Classic : Painted Ceiling

There's lots of reasons why we might not be looking up right about now, but maybe it's time. Literally. How about a ceiling makeover? While there are ton of decorative options, including the above tin panel, let's look at some ceiling makeovers using a gallon or two of plain old paint. It's hard to imagine how different these rooms would look if they each had a plain white ceiling.

A ceiling a couple shades darker than the walls.

A darker ceiling brings instant sophistication to a room.

Stenciling adds a Middle Eastern flair.

A gingham painted ceiling - so fresh and cozy.

Stripes provide graphic detail.

What's not to love about a circus tent? Hard to believe this is a flat ceiling.

A black glossy ceiling and floor work perfectly together.

And here's the same idea - both ceiling and floor matte gray.

Any blue ceiling is a classic as mimics the sky.

The softest pink in a nursery.

Lively ceiling for a playroom.

And, of course, should money be no object, a lacquered ceiling. Ceilings can be as casual or dramatic as your imagination. While there's nothing wrong with a crisp white ceiling, a new color or design can update a whole room. And then, what's not to love about looking up?

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