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DecorBook Classic : Mosquito Netting

Doesn't summer seem to rushing by? Perhaps it's time for an inspired summery change for our bedrooms. White bedding and affordable mosquito netting can transform your room to a cool, romantic staycation.

How affordable? Mosquito netting to fit a double bed is a low as $29 online. Netting at my local fabric shop is $1 a yard and comes in lots of colors. Let's take a look at some inspiration photos - all in summer white.

A perfect application of mosquito netting - out of the way but ready for use.

A bamboo frame can be purchased for about $125 online.

Add a few potted plans and you've got perfection.

Twin beds, each with their own netting.


A dramatic black ceiling sets off white netting.

Feeling the Zen.


Don't you love Anderson Cooper's Brazilian bedroom?

November, 1979. A house on the Indian Ocean, just north of Mombassa, Kenya.

Though practical netting to protect from mosquito- borne malaria is taken very seriously, nothing says "romantic adventure" more than netting gently blowing in the breeze. One morning, we awoke to find that monkeys had got through a open kitchen window and caused chaos. Flour and sugar in the kitchen, everywhere. I had slept right through the racket. Must have been the mosquito netting.

P.S. Check out more of Anderson Cooper's amazing Brazilian house :

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