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TWEAKS+inspiration : Quick Summer Tricks

After an iffy May, it's suddenly 80 degrees in the shade here in Oakland. We've got our deck ready - pots of plants trimmed, the grill scrubbed and ready to sizzle. If you're like me, I like a summery feel to our rooms inside too. Here's some quick tips to make our rooms feel more like summer is on it's way.

Fill your empty fireplace with cut firewood, chunky candles or glorious sea shells.

Replace framed artwork with baskets. Don't forget the quintessential summer plant, the Boston fern.

Do as the Swedes do - roll up the rugs and cover the furniture.

Gather houseplants from other rooms to create a green focal point.

Change bedding to spa-like white.

Create an indoor greenhouse. And don't forget, summer has a fragrance all its own. For me, it's the smell of geraniums. That top photo of geraniums in a summer kitchen seems about perfect. Do you have a smell that reminds you of summer?

Did you know that there are geranium fragrances available? Other favorites are tomato, grapefruit and dirt. Here's to enjoying our warm weather months and your rooms, both inside and out.

top photo : pinterest


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