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Color Game : Black+White

Oakland is in the fog today. That gray would be a pretty inside wall color but it's a dreary outsidecolor for a Sunday. Time to liven things up by playing my little mind game of putting a whole house "together" using Pinterest. Let's say someone gave you this pretty San Franciscan Italianate house. What would you do inside? There's nothing fresher than a black and white palette so let's see how it could look.


With such a polished exterior, why not mix up the entry way with a green "house?"


Don't you love the juxtaposition of a 1880's house with a timeless, well- traveled interior?

The dining room with black framed travel photos and a black and white floor.

A black cupboard could be used in any room.

A kitchen chalkboard is a fun way to accent the black and white scheme.


Interior doors painted a matte black.


Spa-like master bedroom and bath.


Romantic attic guest room and bath.

Black and white rooms make for a dreamy city oasis against the foggy background that is so often San Francisco. Come to think of it, maybe a nap is the best way to dream of the possibilities. Enjoy your Sunday.

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