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Color Game : Red+White+Blue

Happy 4th of July! No color combination could be more classic than red,white&blue. In fact, 28 countries have red,white&blue flags including the US, UK and France. About this time of year, I'm thinking red,white&blue rooms. If you have neutral rooms, quick accents can be added to get the look without the work and expense of paint and upholstery. Let's take a look.

Sofa linens change for the July holiday. Love the striped throw with pompoms.


Pillows and an American flag throw for a red,white&blue look.

A bowl of red apples is perfect way to bring in color.

Once you remove the red pillows, painting and lampshade, you have a blue and white pallet that's ready for another accent color.

A red throw, a red glass and a few flowers - instant red,white&blue.

Slipcovers, both white and red. I image this room having a whole different look once they're removed.

Summer chic.

A quiet red,white&blue in the principal bedroom. Just thinking if I had some red accent pieces, I could also use them at Christmas. Hmm . . . . Enjoy your 4th of July !

Our 4th of July dinner : grilled Greek chicken kabobs and blistered vegetables over citrus rice.

As close to red,white&blue as I could get. How are you celebrating?

Please let me know (in comments) if you have a minute!

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