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Happy Hour : Spring Vases Redux

Have you noticed? White vases are everywhere. When I had to trim my fiddle fern tree, I couldn't bare to throw away the branches. On my desk, they fit perfectly in my favorite white pitcher. But I digress. I wrote a blog about white vases 5 years ago. I'm happy to report that white vases are still in vogue. As I look around, I seem to have white vases everywhere. Let's take another look and please don't miss my P. S.

Springtime fresh, white vases bring a modern, crisp look to any room. And, they're easy to find - you'll see in dollar stores and IKEA and probably in your own cabinets. You can even make them yourself but more of that in a minute. First, let's look at how great they can look in any room.


A collection of white vases.

White freshens a darker wood.

What could be more welcoming than this entry?

Spring display on a dining table.


Experiment with different heights on a mantel.

Large pot filled with spring flowers.

Vases corralled in a metal tray.


Budding branch in a large vase.

A collection of white vases modernizes an antique chest.

Small vases and candle sticks filled with flowers.

Living room tray with white vases.

Peony-filled pitcher in a romantic bedroom.

Thanks to Jennifer for bringing this springtime look to my attention. Here's her amazing spring mantel - white pots filled with plants from Trader Joe's.

Around here, our living room mantel with a small jade (a gift from Kimberly) and a round vase (99 Cents Store) filled with Turkey Buzzard feathers left on our deck.

Now for the fun. For this Happy Hour, grab a can of white spray paint to create your own white vases.

Old florist glass vases are the perfect candidates for a spray of white.

Ceramic vases transformed after a spray. Most everyone has some mismatched ceramics - if not, find them at tag sales. Here's to a fresh life for forgotten vases. Hope you enjoy your Happy Hour.

PS ~ I'm going to take a little break and will be back with a Sunday post on May 26. I look forward to showing you what I've been up to. In the meantime, Happy Sunday!


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