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Color Game : Kelly Green

Happy Spring! If one color can scream "spring," it's kelly green. Named after the common Irish family, it's the essence of a green Irish landscape. And of course, it's the color of St. Patrick’s Day. I love wearing it but was wondering how it could work in our rooms. Let's look at how kelly green can perk up a neutral room.

Don't you love these kelly green drapes? That's just the pop a very neutral room needs.

A statement green light fixture cheers a neutral room.

This bright kelly green island puts a smile on my face.

Green pairs well with blue&white or navy or pink or yellow.

Bathroom cabinetry looks terrific in kelly green.

For just a pop of color, try this favorite trick of mine - use a few books to double down on color. I was in West Elm yesterday and saw they had "books for styling" on sale for $2 each. Had I not been on foot, I would have scooped up a zillion!

If I squint, our "backyard" reminds me of Ireland. Our property borders a region park (above the yellow trees) so while it's not "ours" technically, the hill dominates our view to the East. Keep your eye out for kelly green - seems like it's everywhere this spring. Enjoy St. Patrick's Day! My mouth is watering for corned beef & cabbage.

top photo : house+home



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