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TWEAKS+inspiration : Think Pink (& Patterson CA)

When I was in my 20's, my bedroom was all girlie (pale) pink. For spring&summer, it was time to enjoy pink again. When Bobby and Ruthann were visiting last week, we had friends over who brought me a hot pink Phalaenopsis Orchid. Wow! The perfect pink. That was the motivation I needed. To update the bathroom counter, I got out an old framed mirror to serve as a tray. Then I shopped my basement for pink. I found a wood panel with some pink roses my grandmother had painted.

Small Haviland pieces are from the same grandmother. The markings show they were made in France between 1875-1882. She married in 1890 so I'm hoping she selected the pattern for her wedding china. They were part of my dolls' tea dishes as a little girl. Now, I'll use on my vanity tray for small jewelry.

Looking much more girlie.

Now, I may have overdone it as I found pink and white toothbrushes on Amazon. Dentist approved, a soft brush with micro nano 20,000 bristles. They make my teeth feel so clean and I love the colors.

I've been dreaming about this pink peony Ethan Allen upholstery fabric for years but I waited too long as the fabric is no longer available.

After looking at a zillion pink floral fabrics online, I found this precut Waverly cotton duck at online Walmart ($9.44 for 2 yards). Peonies and close enough.

To add more pink in the bedroom, I wanted to do a slip cover for my headboard. The Waverly fabric was far too bold so I used the backside of the fabric.

I'm feeling more girly with some pink in my bedroom. I'm shopping for pale pink sheets to use after the flannels come off this spring.

A quick pillow cover (using an IKEA feather insert) for the chair next to the fireplace. Fun to have a bit of a new look for spring.

photo : ruthann

And now to the bit about Patterson, CA. On 2.24.24 (don't you love dates like that?), Ruthann, Bobby and I made a 1-1/2 hour drive to Patterson, CA. We were thrilled to see acres and acres of apricot trees in bloom as we drove along I-5. Turns out, Patterson is the Apricot Capitol of the World.

photo : ruthann

After we turned off I-5, we wound our way through 8 miles of verdant rolling hills. They were stunning. I wonder if the grazing cattle appreciate their surroundings.

Ruthie spied a few miles of tumbleweed. I've been craving one for years. After we visited Bobby's son and his bride, I picked out one and we crammed it in the trunk.

Ruthann, my friend of 49 years, and I had another hilarious adventure chasing the perfect tumbleweed.

After a lot of pruning, a tumbleweed is back in the same basket I had one in 40 years ago in Portland. A long mission accomplished. Have a wonderful Sunday and go Caitlin Clark!

PS - For info on Patterson, the Apricot Capitol of the World (and a delicious sounding apricot sangria recipe -


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