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TWEAKS+inspiration : A Mad Dash to the Bunny Hop

Happy Spring! Happy Easter! And what the heck is that goose doing on my kitchen table? Gotta say March wasn't my best month but I did manage to get out the spring animals last week. What makes our rooms feel like spring? Let's take a look at my humble attempt.

Here in Oakland, CA, we are having true spring weather. One day, it's a straw hat; the next, an umbrella.

These March Hares got dolled up with some costume jewelry.

Yesterday, it was cold enough for a fire and and the iron bunnies seemed happy for it.

I tried to inject some spring into the guest bathroom but ran out of bunnies. Olive branches will have to do.

My 99 cent rabbits from a Block Buster close out sale always make an appearance.

Last year's purchase at Marin's French Market - un petit lapin with red glass eyes - $20 well spent.

Yesterday, I made myself a spring salad with feta, fresh mint, cantaloupe, orange & cucumber. Hope you have a spring-like Easter dinner. Connie's making a fresh lemon cake and Jayne's serving an Italian lamb cake. Yum!

Enjoy your day! Let's all eat cake and do the Bunny Hop (and Go Oregon State Women's bball team)!


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