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Happy Hour : Pretty Pots

Every been in a restaurant when it turns "Happy Hour?" You notice the mood instantly changes as everyone is ready for fun. Whenever I'm having a Bad Hair Day, my cure is always a personal Happy Hour. Of course, I'm hopeless addicted to interiors; so for me, this hour is all about decorating. In this series, we'll look at some quick and happy mood changers for our very own Happy Hour. Each should take about an hour - a mere 60 minutes - to perk up our minds and our rooms. Let's get the party started.

Summer is a great time to update our potted plants for a fresh look. Terracotta, peat or plastic pots are just begging for a Happy Hour redo. Let's take a look at some easy one-hour ideas.

Graphic black and white - wrap white painted string around black painted pots.

Glue plastic string around pots and paint in chalk paint.

Paint terracotta pots and add blackboard stickers.

A variety of graphics update a basic pot.

On-trend message pots - just use a marker.

Black tape provides graphic border on a painted plastic pot.

Ombre look using coffee stained string.

A quick relief adds to a painted terracotta pot.

Downloaded French typography graphic meets Modge Podge.

"Age" terracotta by using a variety of sponged paint colors.

Printed paper napkins decoupaged on terracotta. Gift wrap tissue works well, too.

Inexpensive small peat pots can be bought for under $1 each. Use for seedlings, table top settings, May Baskets. Whether it be terra-cotta, plastic or peat, the sky's the limit to updating inexpensive pots. Hope this gets your creative juices flowing for a fun Happy Hour.

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