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Color Game : Creamy Hollywood Glam

With the Oscar making his appearance in a few hours, let's play my favorite game of armchair decorating. Let's say you're an actor with pockets full of movie-made cash. Where would you live in La La Land? Maybe somewhere a silent movie star lived in the 1920s? In a California Spanish Colonial or a miniature Hearst Castle? After walking through a zillion rooms on Pinterest, here's my curated 1920s creamy dreamy house and what the rooms might look like for a modern star.

Original tile, staircase and lighting. / amber lewis

Living room with relaxed furniture and glorious black iron-framed windows.


Dining room with '60s teak chairs. / carla anderson

Gorgeous expanded kitchen.

Master bedroom with black iron bed mimicking window frames.

Updated master bath, taking cues from the 1920s.

Romantic guest room.

Guest bath flavored with '20s basic elements.

Every star needs a swimming pool. -pasadena showcase

A sun dabbled patio for an afternoon nap before the big event.

Oh, and just like '20s silent film star, Dorothy Penelope Jones, I'd have a terrier pup or two. Enjoy the Oscars.

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