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Color Game : Out of the Blue

There's some big sky around our house and every once in a while, it's dramatic. Loads of pastels, especially pink and yellow. Would that color combination work in our rooms? Pastels can be a bit tricky. Maybe the key is to have them all the same tint - all very pale, for example. Let's take a look at how those sky colors can translate into some spectacular interiors.

A bedroom full of muted color in similar tint.

What's not to love about facing a wall full of sunshine?


A European kitchen - muted pastels and a chalkboard wall.

An old world salon with an amazing tile floor.

Blush and yellow bathroom.

Old world exterior.

Nature at its best.

A house of muted color seems so fresh right about now. Maybe the best inspiration comes directly from nature. Sometimes right out of the blue.

sky photos from our house : just me at

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