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Color Game : Orange Crush

Orange has to be the happiest color. This time of year, we see pumpkin orange everywhere. Have you considered it to be the perfect accent color in your rooms? Any neutral color including off whites, grey, greens and blues (aqua, navy, turquoise) could benefit from a pop of orange. Let's look at some sunny ideas.

You don't have to commit to orange walls or furniture. Orange lampshades, pillow and iconic Hermes boxes are perfect seasonal accents.

Decadent upholstered chairs in a sophisticated neutral dining room.

A framed silk scarf could be easily changed during the year as your color scheme changes.


Bed linens trimmed in orange - a bold monogram rivals the striped walls for attention.

Painting a cabinet back is an inexpensive way to let color in.


I'll admit this is a commitment to orange but isn't it amazing?

Any mirror could be spray painted.

On a gray morning, how could anyone stay sleepy walking into this sunny bathroom? I've gotta admit that I have a major crush on orange. Just a little in each room would let nature's optimism come shining in.

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