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DecorBook Classic : Incorporating TV

Can you believe flat screen TVs have been mostly affordable for about 20 years? Aren't we lucky that they are both affordable and thin? There are many ways to display our sets including mounting on the wall, ready for view. If you don't want to look at a blank screen when the set is off, there are some clever ways to hide a wall-mounted TV. There are also handsome ways to style your TV, whether it be atop a flat surface or in a bookcase. Let's have a look at some of the best ideas.

The easiest way to hide your TV is with paint. Isn't this striking?


This TV is front and center but it's softened by the dark gray backing in the stylish bookcases.

A lightweight quadriptych picture, each section attached with piano hinges.

A large TV doesn't overwhelm this table as it is offset with a substantial lamp, a plant and twin ottomans.

For convenience, mount a TV on a wheeled oak easel.

Gorgeous framed television on a gallery wall.

In this dreamy bedroom, TV is softened with shelving.

TV is balanced by a gallery wall of black and white framed art.

Clever screen hides TV in this neutral palette living room.

Old school map is a quick solution.

Elegant mirror panels but who can view a TV up this high?

More practical is a lower mounted set hidden by mirrored hinged doors.

Love the play between the black fireplace surround and TV.

Don't you love this simple rolling door?

This staging is just about perfect.

Such a clever way to hide cords - screw wing nuts into holes usually used to mount a TV to the wall. I'm sure you'll agree unsightly wires can ruin any look. If that's our only problem with TVs, it could be worse. Remember chunky TVs which could only be hidden away in armoires?

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